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Our Featured Products


A cold variation to the hot taho. You will want more after the perfect combination of silky texture and sweet flavor.


Soy Mousse Cheese drinks are made from real cream cheese.


May it be our Tuna or Chicken Alfredo we guarantee that our soy infused pasta dishes is the perfect diet partner. Your healthy alternative to a starving tummy!


A surprise with every bite may it be our best selling beef or chicken quesadilla. Topped with cheese and freshly made salsa.

The Origin of the Idea

  • Staple food for Asians all over the world.
  • A delicacy that we will never grow tired of eating everyday.
  • Soy can be enjoyed in different forms like taho, soymilk, cookies, sandwiches, cakes etc.
  • Food that encompasses all levels of society.
  • First choice of Vegan and lactose intolerants.
  • Soy has high protein content, high in fiber and is even believed to help prevent cancer.

The Concept

  • Soy milk blended with fresh fruits.
  • Tofu infused warm and filling dishes.
  • Soy milk combined w/ herbal teas and bubblers.
  • Tofu infused guiltless desserts.
  • Soy mixed with organic coffee and chocolate.
  • Vegan approved dishes created by our New York trained chef.